This Industry Standard connector used by the FibreChannel community is a 22 contact (20 signal, 2 ground) "Straddle Mount" design meeting FibreChannel, SCA-2 and EIA requirements and until now, been subject to secondary soldering operations including hand soldering to the PCB. The TEKA GBIC Connector incorporates the very successful "Solder Bearing Lead" design used on our TSB line of connectors for PCMCIA and CompactFlash products. In these designs, a measured amount of solder and flux is applied to each contact in a high speed, economical process. This manufacturing process ensures that a consistent and very reliable solder joint results from a single pass through any standard convection re-flow oven, without adding any additional solder, solder paste or flux. This also allows the connectors to be soldered while the PCB's are still in panel form and in-line with other SMT processes. The contact tail spacing can be adjusted to accept most common PCB thickness dimensions. The plastic housing may also be modified to meet customer EMI shield attachment specifications.

  • Meets or exceeds all FibreChannel, SCA 2, EIA and SFF Committee mechanical and electrical requirements
  • Hi-Temp plastic allows for conventional SMT re-flow soldering processes
  • Solder Bearing Lead design eliminates all "Second OP" manufacturing steps
  • Can be soldered in multiple board panels
  • No additional solder, solder paste or flux required
  • Produces 100% reliable and rework-free solder joints
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