The Teka SCA 2 receptacles are for use in through hole PCB mounting applications. Expanding upon our successful Solder Flux-Bearing Lead Technology, Teka has developed Solder- Flux Bearing Wafer Technology. This new technology enables a greater volume of solder than was previously possible, enabling 100% hole fill in PCB's up to .125" (3.2 mm) thick.

All that is required is to place the SCA 2 connector on the PCB and reflow in a standard convection oven, without adding any additional solder, solder paste or flux.

  • Provides IPC Class 3 solder joints
  • Eliminate wave soldering
  • Eliminate selective soldering
  • Eliminate hand soldering or "touch up"
  • Eliminate insufficient hole fill from intrusive reflow.
  • Meets or exceeds FibreChannel, EIA and SFF Committee specifications.
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