Solder-Flux Bearing Straddle Mount PC Card
and CompactFlash Receptacles and Headers


Teka's Solder-Flux Bearing Lead technology, winner of the SMT Vision and Milton S. Kiver Awards, mechanically attaches to each lead a slug containing a precise and predetermined amount of solder and flux that can easily be reflowed and directed to the conductor pads. Once the connector is placed on the PCB, application of general or localized heat reflows each lead, forming a 100% reliable, rework free solder joint, without adding solder, solder paste or flux.

TSB Series connectors can be soldered in any conventional SMT conveyor oven, or with the Teka HBS 6800 Reflow Machine.

A high yield automated process for connector attachment is now available for PCMCIA PC Card and CompactFlash products. Hand soldering problems and rework due to lead coplanarity or PCB warp can now be eliminated.

The host header connectors provide a very low profile for use in digital cameras, palm tops and PDAs or any other platform where space is at a minimum.

  • Meets all applicable PC Card and CompactFlash specifications
  • PCB "real estate" savings
  • High Temp Housings - IR and vapor phase compatible
  • Lower applied cost with greater reliability
  • Many solder and flux combinations available
  • "Claw" design provides direct contact and wiping action (between solder-flux preforms and PCB pads)
  • Mechanical integrity of straddle mounting
  • Coplanarity not an issue -- connector leads are pre-loaded on PCB pads
  • Proven technology, reliability and rework not an issue
  • Compatible with many frame types

PC Card Connectors

CompactFlash Connectors