Solder-Flux Bearing Straddle Mount CompactFlash

CompactFlash receptacles are designed to be soldered, without additional solder or flux, in any conventional SMT conveyor oven or with commercially available hot bar equipment. These connectors are compatible with tin plated, OSP or immersion gold PCB pads. The contact design also eliminates coplanarity problems by maintaining a consistent and stabilizing force on the PCB during the soldering process.

Designed for high yield, automated processing, the SBL connectors eliminate costly hand soldering and rework associated with other soldering methods.

  • Meets all applicable CompactFlash Association specifications
  • PCB "real estate" savings
  • Conventional SMT soldering techniques compatible
  • Lower applied cost with greater reliability
  • "Claw" design provides direct contact and wiping action between solder-flux deposits and conductor pads
  • Mechanical integrity of straddle mounting
  • Coplanarity not an issue, connector leads are pre-loaded on pads
  • Proven technology, reliability and rework are not issues
  • Pre-applied solder-flux deposits open up many automation possibilities.
  • Modular tooling allows compatibility with any frame type
  PC Card and CompactFlash Connectors Solder Flux Bearing
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