To view our product catalog please select one of the categories from the list on the left side of this page. The categories contain:

Standard Technology Connectors - Includes categories under Box Receptacles, Card Edge Solder Dip and Wire wrap, Complimate Press fit, Din Connectors, Headers, PC104 and PC104+, Power connectors, Telecommunication, Press Fit, Surface Mount Solder Flux Bearing, and Surface Mount Solder Flux Bearing Connectors.

Press Fit Technology - Includes all our standard available press fit technology connectors.

Surface Mount Solder Flux Bearing - Includes our Edge mount Headers, Fibre-Channel (GBIC) connectors and our PC Card and Compact Flash Connectors.

Through Hole Technology Solder Flux Bearing - Includes all of Teka's through hole connectors that are available with the Solder Flux Bearing feature.

Product Index - Listing of all standard connectors categorized numerically and alphabetically.

RoHS Compliance - Standards for RoHS compliance, currently available Teka RoHS drawings and conversion chart for selecting RoHS number for other product.