Teka Interconnection Systems was founded over 30 years ago and we are a vertically integrated company. Teka capabilities include; high speed precision stamping, plastic injection molding, and connector manufacturing. These operations are carried out in our facilities in Warwick Rhode Island.

We at Teka, design and manufacture application specific and industry standard interconnect devices. Working closely with our OEM partners, the Teka design team analyzes the specific design problems and develops the solutions necessary to produce the desired result. Utilizing the vast collective knowledge at our disposal Teka Interconnection Systems provide connector/interconnect products with problem solving capabilities unique to the connector industry.

Two of our designs were given the Vision Award, presented by SMT Magazine, for best new product in our category. We have also won the prestigious Milton S. Kiver award from Electronic Packaging and Production Magazine. A key element in our connector design is the ability to attach a precise and separate amount of solder and flux to each connector lead. The application of general or localized heat to the point of reflow is all that is required to solder our "SBL" (Solder-Flux Bearing Lead) connectors and can be accomplished with a single pass through any standard convection reflow oven. This innovative connector design can eliminate most secondary hand soldering operations and in the case of paste in hole processing, we can deliver sufficient solder to produce a 100% barrel fill and complete fillets.

We are ISO 9001 certified (click HERE for a downloadable version of the certificate) and are a qualified supplier to IBM, Motorola, ITT, Raytheon, Nortel Networks, Alcatel, and Tellabs, as well as a myriad of small to medium sized companies. Our products are sold through selected distribution and directly to the end customer or their manufacturing partners through a world wide sales engineering force.

To further expand our product offerings and capabilities, in 2003 Teka acquired AWI Industries in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, a fully integrated company that designs, engineers and manufactures connectors and subsequently moved the product line and its manufacturing capabilities to the Warwick, Rhode Island facility.

Teka is a steadily growing company; offering new products in rapidly expanding interconnection areas such as surface mount and high density. With the ability and corporate resources to react quickly and innovatively to customer needs, Teka is positioned to maintain a leadership role in the advancement of interconnect devices and technology.

We at Teka believe our commitment to total customer satisfaction in the most cost effective way possible from the design to customer service support is unsurpassed within the industry. For potential customers visiting this web site, we ask for the opportunity of allowing our sales and engineering staff to review your requirements and establish how we may be of service.